Video Blog experiment

Covering the Melbourne Moto Expo for Cycle Torque magazine, I decided to do it in a Video Blog format, showing viewers the highlights of the show and giving them reasons to attend. The resulting five-minute video is entertaining and interesting, but importantly it was posted at the end of the first day of the event,[…]


Tool Time

Shot in the studio with some stills and graphics provided by the client, this was a multi-camera shoot so we could cross from the main shot featuring Rob to the overhead shot of the tools. By shooting in 4K we were able to crop in on Rob demonstrating the tools without compromising the quality or[…]


The new drone

Adrenalin Images has used drones in the past, so getting our own was really just a matter of time, and that time has arrived – we are now getting to grips with the 4K-camera equipped quadcopter. For real estate and documentary videos in particular, a drone makes all the difference, but like action camera footage,[…]

Band NRP_8996

Band shoot

This is one from the archives, but we still have the studio, so I thought I’d post it up – this images was created for the band, lit from below to give a moody, dark emotion to the shot. Shallow depth of field has kept the lead singer, Aaron, as the focus of the image[…]


Ducati Launch Event

Made for Ducati Australia, we put together a video featuring action and interviews from a recent motorcycle launch. Event coverage requires the team to work quickly, with an eye on keeping the shots looking good and the audio sounding clear – we’ve found many events suffer from people being shot with bright lights behind the[…]